Stamp Duty Calculator

Australian Stamp Duty Calculator

Are you buying real estate in Australia? Use our handy stamp duty calculator below.

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Our first meeting

We’ll meet either in person or remotely at a time of your choosing, and get to know you and your goals


We will provide you with in-depth options of what lenders would suit you and your goals, and give you the best deal

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We collect all of your application documents through a secure, easy to upload portal to help make the process easier and ensure nothing is missed

Getting your Approval

We’ll manage all of the negotiation with the bank during the approval process to make it as easy as possible for you

Helping you settle

We will help by stepping you through the signing and witnessing of your loan documents while overseas, as well as assist in the co-ordination of your property settlement

We are here to provide you with expert guidance to help navigate expat loans. Our experts can help you finance property while overseas.