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Complete a Pre-approval to assess your borrowing capacity, and help you bid/buy with confidence

Purchasing property is always an exciting but hectic time, and when buying from overseas these stresses can become exacerbated. It’s important to plan and prepare before you decide to purchase to ensure that the process goes as smoothly as possible.

Having a pre-approval in place before purchasing will make the
process much smoother as you’ll already know:

  • How much you can borrow
  • On what terms you can borrow
  • What the lender’s interest rates will be
  • That you can bid and buy with confidence as your finance is already sorted

Some lenders will require that your ID be certified at the Australian High Commission.  It can sometimes take 3-6 weeks to book an appointment at the High Commission so planning ahead can be key.  By having this completed during the pre-approval stage, you can have more flexibility in negotiating your settlement terms if the purchaser requires a shorter settlement period.

Purchase a
New Property

Be guided by experts that can help you finance Australian property while overseas

The basic steps when purchasing a property from overseas remain the same as back home.

You will still need to:

  • Upon purchase of a property, negotiate a settlement period and appoint a solicitor/conveyancer to act on your behalf
  • Apply for a mortgage and go through the formal loan approval process

Where this will differ is the process for applying for a loan while overseas is more rigorous and will involve more steps and documentation.

Typically the documents you’ll need to provide are:
  • Your last 3 payslips
  • The last 3 months bank account statements showing your salary being credited;
  • Your current employment contract
  • Copy of your Employment Pass / Working Visa
  • Copy of your Passport and Australian Drivers Licence (if available)
  • The last 3 months bank accountBank statement showing the cash you have available to settle the remaining balance of your purchase statements showing your salary being credited
  • Full copy of your contract of sale

Upon recommendation of a lender we will submit the application on your behalf.
We will collect these via a secure upload link to make the process as easy as possible for you.

Once we have gained formal approval (typically around 7 days depending on how soon the valuation is complete) contracts will be prepared. These can generally be witnessed by us if your ID has already been completed with the lender during a pre-approval. If not we can help co-ordinate an appointment at the High Commission, or find another appropriate witness for your ID and documents.

Review your Existing
Australian Home Loan

The market for home lending is constantly changing.
Are you still getting the best deal?

It is a fact that some banks and lenders are more expat friendly than others, to the point where some lenders are penalising clients for living overseas by increasing their existing loan interest rates when they become aware of your change of residency.  They may also refuse to pass on additional discounts or assist with restructuring of your loans while you are overseas.  

It is important to know your options and to shop around to know you are getting the best deal you can.

We are more than happy to have a chat and review your existing arrangements, even it is to simply give you peace of mind with the loans you currently have in place.

What to expect?

Our first meeting

We’ll meet either in person or remotely at a time of your choosing, and get to know you and your goals


We will provide you with in-depth options of what lenders would suit you and your goals, and give you the best deal

Helping you with the application process

We collect all of your application documents through a secure, easy to upload portal to help make the process easier and ensure nothing is missed

Getting your Approval

We’ll manage all of the negotiation with the bank during the approval process to make it as easy as possible for you

Helping you settle

We will help by stepping you through the signing and witnessing of your loan documents while overseas, as well as assist in the co-ordination of your property settlement

what people say?

Buying a property can be a daunting experience. In our case, it was our first home and we were looking to purchase in Australia while living as expats in Singapore.

After our original broker secured us a less than ideal loan we were fortunate enough to be introduced to Tim. He looked at our financial position and immediately said “I can get you more at a better rate”.

His knowledge of the industry and insight into the expat mortgage application process gave us complete peace of mind and ultimately secured us a far better loan than we could have imagined. He was available at all hours to answer any questions and kept us updated daily.

We cannot recommend Tim highly enough.

Gary Spero and Lauren Brender

We purchased a new property in Australia as expats in Hong Kong.  Despite already owning a number of properties, neither the banks nor mortgage brokers at home were overly keen or able to assist in helping obtaining a new loan (even brokers specializing in expat loans from Australia).

I contacted Tim via LinkedIn for some advice, and my partner and I were both extremely happy with his services. What first presented as a complicated task was made simple by Tim. He explained things clearly and guided us through the process to a great end product without any delays to settlement. Most importantly, he was always available whenever we needed help with something or had a question. Although the Australian banks have offices in Hong Kong, the help they can offer is surprisingly limited.  The services of a knowledgeable broker are absolutely invaluable in this process.

We have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Tim to any fellow Australia in Asia for all their mortgage needs.

David Wootton and Bohdan Abrat
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Tim has done an absolutely amazing job for my in laws, in what seemed like an impossible situation. Tim kept in contact with updates and reassurance, no matter how busy he was or what he had on. We highly recommend Tim and Aussie Expat Home Loans services.

Lauren Vilimovsky
Deniliquin VIC

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